MEVA Original Used Formwork.
With Two Options.

MEVA Original Gebrauchte. Mit zwei Optionen

Economy Class

Factory checked.

2 Year alkus Warranty
2 Year Full Usage Warranty

Safe, cost-effective, ready for concrete work

This option offers you selected used formwork packages checked for all functions in MEVA facilities. Every panel, every accessory part is thoroughly cleaned and checked part for part: Only then is ist cleared for complete safety and smooth operation in all functions.

Factory checked MEVA Original Used Formwork is ready for the first pour immediately when it leaves the factory. This gives you peace of mind when choosing second hand for your investment. It also equips you to work with your formwork inventory safely and efficiently for many years ahead. In addition, the all-plastic facing alkus enables you to deliver a superior concrete finish to your client – first time, every time. From the first pour to the last. We give you a two-year double warranty on both full functionality and on the all-plastic facing.

Factory checked means:

  • Used formwork equipment, industrially cleaned.
  • Fully functional all-plastic facing alkus.
  • Full functional and safety check.

Premium Class


5 Year alkus Warranty
5 Year Full Usage Warranty

Checked for safety and functionality, completely regenerated

Selected used formwork equipment is thoroughly checked for full function and safety. The panel frames are overhauled, steel ball blasted and then re-coated with an annealed plastic coating. A completely refurbished and upgraded all-plastic facing panel is then fitted.
Regenerated to premium quality

Premium regenerated MEVA Original Used Formwork gives you equipment in top quality and with a convincing double warranty. This equips you to deliver a superior concrete finish to your client and provide customer satisfaction for many years ahead. You will work cost-effectively and profitably from the first pour to the last.

Regeneration encompasses:

  1. Check of all functions for safety and smooth operation
  2. Refurbishing of panel frames with steel ball blasting
  3. Re-coating of the frames with annealed plastic coating
  4. Upgrading a used all-plastic facing panel
  5. Top quality MEVA Original Used Formwork equipment is on its way to you

Regenerated means:

  • Full check on all safety and operational functions. 
  • Completely regenerated, frames re-coated.
  • Upgraded all-plastic facing alkus.

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