Usage Guaranteed.
Facing Guaranteed.

Unique in Used Formwork:

Warranty on the All-Plastic Facing

The 100 % wood-free, all-plastic facing alkus in MEVA Original Used Formwork lasts as long as the frame. It is repairable using the same material and delivers a superior concrete finish from the first pour to the last. The all-plastic facing is guaranteed to be resistent to UV rays, maintain its flexural rigidity, never rot, never produce ripplings and guaranteed not to leave any discolouration.

2 Year alkus Warranty
5 Year alkus Warranty

Safe and Economical:

Guarantee on Full Usage

MEVA Original Used Formwork equipment is fully functional when it leaves the factory and ready for its first concrete pour. We guarantee this full functionality* for 2 years in the economy and 5 years in the premium class. This gives you the assurance of a cost-effective, no-risk, value for money investment and safe, profitable concrete works.

* if used according to Technical Instruction Manual.

2 Year Full Usage Warranty
5 Year Full Usage Warranty

Our Service Promise

Over and above the double warranty, you have the benefit of a comprehensive service backing up your MEVA Original Used Formwork equipment. That is a long-term promise for the best support posisble, ranging from regular safety checks of your equipment to subsequent upgrading of the facing, if needed. 

We are there to provide you with answers. 

MEVA Original Used Formwork is available all over the world, from all MEVA locations. Check our Top Offers online or contact MEVA directly or through our authorized distributors.

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