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Since 2000, the all-plastic facing alkus is standard in all MEVA formwork. It is 100 % wood-free, lasts as long as the frame absorbs no water or moisture and never swells or shrinks. It is nailable like wood. In addition, the facing can be repaired on site using the identical material. It is also easy to clean for a clean concrete finish. Use less release agent and avoid down-times and costs for re-facing. Most importantly, it enables you to deliver a superior concrete finish from the first pour to the last – the finish quality remains constant. More than 1.000 pours with one and the same panel and facing have been documented. Used alkus panels are cleaned, surface-upgraded and then fitted into regenerated, re-coated panel frames. You benefit from these quality advantages 1:1 with your MEVA Original Used Formwork.

The all-plastic facing alkus is a 100 % wood-free sandwich system made of polypropylene with an aluminium foil on each side of the core.

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