Data Processing on this Website

Our provider automatically records information transmitted by the user´s browser transmits and saves them in server log files:

Browser type/ -version
Operating system
Referrer URL (previously visited site)
Host name of the accessing computer (IP Adresse)
Time of server enquiry
These data are not allocatable to specific persons. Nor are these data interpolated with other data but are deleted after respective statistical interpretation.

Information rights

Any user is entitled to information specific to his or her person. This includes information on the source of these personal data, the recipient and the purpose of saving the data.

Picture credits

Unless specificall stated otherwise, all picture credits are the property of the operator and fall under relevant copyright legislation. Pictures refers to all kinds of images, such as photographs, graphics, illustrations etc.

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Further Information

Your confidence in the operator is very important to us. We will be glad to assist you or provide information on the collection and use of personal data. Should you have any question over and above this declaration on data processing, please do not hesitate to contact us.